New Year, New Password

| Posted in , | Posted on Sunday, January 31, 2010

After reading about the rockyou database being compromised (all 32 million username/passswords were stored in plain text and were easily compromised by a single hacker)I've decided to re-consider my current password.

Until now I would choose a single word (or two words for my secure passwords) and slap a number at the end to create a password. Then I would use that password for ALL of my accounts. Obviously, thats a very bad security practice.

I have been meaning to create a more secure password for some time now. The inspiration originated after reading the How to Choose and Remember Great Passwords guide I read on lifehacker. The guide is a great starting point for creating a secure password. Basically, you choose a root password (qwerty, your birthday, first letters of lyrics to a song) and then a rule that you use to generate a unique password for every account you'll be using.

For example if you use a series of keyboard keys (like qwerty or 1qaz) your password would be qwertyFAC for facebook or QWERTYblog for blogger. That way by remembering the base password you can easily remember the specific one you chose for that site so if your login is compromised on one site, the others are still secure.

Also while changing my passwords I'll be keeping track of them using KeePass, which will store my login information in an encrypted database on my computer.

If you use a overly simple password or the same password for everything I would highly recommend you look into creating a strong password. Before you decide on a password to use you should check it against a password checker like this one from microsoft that'll tell you how strong the password is.

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