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I have an alienware aurora w/ a 9800GX2 vid card. The other day I turned it on and the comp wouldnt post. No display, no beep. The system would hang from time to time so I powered it off, on, off, on. Nothing.

The fans, case lights and HD's come on but the comp never posts.

I checked the monitor on another computer, it worked fine.

I cleaned out the inside w/ air and proceed to check all the connections, re-seat the RAM, HD's and cd drive. No change. Tried re-seating the vid card. No change.

I took the vid card and powered up, no error beep or anything.

I doubt its the power supply since everything comes on per usual. The mobo and vid card have always been odd. Often the system will hang on boot (before post) and I'll have to power it down, reset the bios to default after an error message and be on my way. The vid card has run hot (62C idle) and has never performed well.

I'm beginning to suspect the mobo, but I want to check the vid card in another computer before jumping to conclusions.

Tomorrow I plan to reset the CMOS and re-seat the CPU, just to rule it out. I would also like to rule out the video card by sticking it in someones computer. Trying a lesser video card in my computer would also help; since I'd know if ANYTHING works as a video card that would prove/rule out power supply issues).

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I have posted this is Yahoo answers here. Though the final answer will show itself through trial/error and elimination it wont hurt to get some advice/ideas.

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