First Evening with Windows 7

| Posted in | Posted on Friday, November 13, 2009

Even though I dont have a single external hard drive large enough to backup all my data I finally got fed up with Vista. I stuffed everything I could onto my external hard drive, iPod and even used a few DVD's.

I was really surprised at how fast the install went. It only took around 45 minutes from boot to the default Win 7 desktop.

Once at the desktop I began installing various programs while exploring the menus and settings. I used Ninite Bulk Installer to get many of my programs and I'm pleased to say it went flawlessly.

I was also able to restore my previous iTunes library by going to file > library > import playlist > iTunes Music Library.xml (which was a file I saved from Vista). Though it took awhile for iTunes to import everything, my whole library (including playlists, ratings and play count) came right up.

I dont have time to add much detail since I have work in the morning, but heres a quick screenshot of my desktop.

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