gCal to iPhone

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Though I am anxiously awaiting the release of verizons new Droid phone (based off the google ANDROID 2.0 os) I still use my iPod Touch for quick access to my calendar, social networks (facebook, myspace, twitter) and weather.

Though I can check all this on my computer, its nice to have snappy access to it at my fingertips so I can quickly browse the newest updates without logging in, opening a browser, ETC.

I use google calendar to keep track of all my appointments, my school/work schedule and pretty much anything and everything. Sadly, both Microsoft's outlook and apples iTunes seem to pretty much ignore gCals existence. I know iTunes is a music player - but lets face it, the program transcended that a long time ago. If apple integrated a "wizard" into iTunes to help users set up their iPhone/iPod where they could enter their email info and get access to their contacts, calendars and mail automatically it could give a boost to the kinda-but-not-really-technical people and let them use the device to its full potential. But I digress....

Google has made it fairly easy to access their services on mobile platforms (a winning business strategy it would seem). Google has set up a website to walk users though sync'ing their iPhones directly to their google accounts. This allows users to sync their calendars, contacts and email directly from their handset to the google server - so there is no need for a computer in the equation. The google support page for this feature has step by step instructions that are helpful and straight forward.

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