Windows 7 Beta: First Impressions

| Posted in | Posted on Friday, March 20, 2009

After the fiasco with my windows MBR earlier I have finally installed Wndows 7 on a clean partition.
I must say....I'm impressed.

Overall the system seems far more responsive, the font and other setup feels a bit blocky whereas OS X and Vista go for a more natural curve sort of look, you can see an example below. I have no preference between the two, both look good in their respective environments.

Microsoft seems to really be open to suggestions (weather or not they adapt them it yet to be seen). At the top of every explorer window there is a little like saying 'Send Feedback' which loads a small program installed with the system. A small window loads with a drop down menu for you to choose what your critiquing, basic ratings (from love to hate) and a comment box.

Right clicking the desktop reviels 3 new options for quickly playing with your resolution, gadgets and wallpaper/color scheme. Out of everything in Win7 the inverted options under the resolution menus have impressed me the most. They do literally what they say they will, they invert the screen. In reality, this is useless to most (probably all) users....but its potential use for April Fools day tricks and such makes up for its lack of usefulness.

The personalization menu comes equipt with ready to go themes with a basic array of backgrounds and a matching window color. Below these selections you can also adjust each setting individually according to your taste.

As you see in the third picture over, you can also choose multiple backgrounds (ctrl + click) and set a timer for them to change. This feature is overdue and a rip off of mac OS X (kinda like the search feature introduced in Vista) but its nice to have around.

Well as much as I could talk about Windows 7 I should stop writing this. Any critiques of my writing would be appreciated, it seems that since I dont write often my skill has diminished. Below are a few pictures of my Windows 7 desktop.

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