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Now that I have got myself all set up with Vista - I seem to be staying put for the better part of the foreseeable future....even though I really hate this operating system.

Recently though gnome do has added a OS X like application tray (gnome do is kinda like launchy for windows) and its gotten alot of attention. Rightfully so I suppose, but I like to use things before I form an opinion.

When I installed Linux Mint on its own partition, I was forced to select windows upon each boot up. This wasnt an issue when linux was my main system, but it became very old when I started switching back to windows.

I know I can adjust the boot ETC ETC but I didnt learn how exactly to do it, and I would rather it be just a basic entry under windows.

Anyway, that coupled with the usuals of creating a partition have turned me off to re-installing linux after I reformated my PC (stupid reasons, I know).

Ubuntu has a installer that runs through windows (called Wubi) that installed it just like it was an application. Performance is supposed to be slightly less but the ease of use will hopefully create more Ubuntu users.

Luckily, the creators of linux mint have included the same thing in their ISO and called it mint4win. Exited to hear about this I mounted my Mint 6 ISO (using magic iso) and tried to burn it. Sadly, the install only got a short way before I encountered an error and had to close it.
My suspicion is that this is due to my using a virtual drive rather than a real one, I'm going to burn and test my theory now.

Until then, here are some screenshots of the install process so far:

Now that I burned the iso to a disk with Active ISO burner it worked fine.

Now off to reboot and mess with things.

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