Tweaking Vista

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Though Linux Mint really got my blood going for awhile two major things have caused me to come back to Vista.

1) Songbird (the only music player I think is worth using in Laue of iTunes) wont work.
2) Digsby will not run on wine.

Perhaps at a future time I will go back, but for now I just need my computer to work without hassle (no offense to linux, I just don't have time to overcome the learning curve right now).

So first things first, I got all my programs and shortcuts organized via ObjectDock and the stacks docklet (after using the OS X dock, I find objectdock to be more customizable).

I put my most used programs (Firefox, Digsby, XFire) on top and worked my way down. Rather than put all my applications on the dock, I created a folder in my Documents entitled ' Shortcuts' and organized my shortcuts there. I then linked those folders to objectdock via the stacks docklet so I can easily access specific types of programs from objectdock (ie: games, utilities).

Now that my hsortcuts were organized I had to tweak the system itself. I began with MSCONFIG to disable which programs start up. I turned almost everything off except for AVG, Windows & NVIDIA stuff and Objectdock of course.

Then it was time to turn on the services. Rather than tell you exactly what I did below I'll link you to some great sites I used to guide me. Please note, do NOT EVER turn off a service in the MSCONFIG menu. It will do more than turn it off, it will disable it so it is unable to run AT ALL.
Use the services.msc program to set them to MANUAL. This way, the computer can start them if need be but they will not start automatically.
ie: If you set the iPod service to manual it will run when you plug your iPod in, but will be turned off until you do.

I used Tweak Vista, Tweak Hound and Black Viper to help decide which services to turn on/off.
For some other random tweaks and general advice I would suggest you look at H Enthusiast's 12 Vista Tweaks Guide and Technospots Vista Performance Guide.

Now that I'm dont with that its time to let Steam update my Left 4 Dead so I can finally play it. As much as I love Steam (and Valve) I'm very VERY annoyed that it wont let me open the game until it updates.
To make it worse it says it'll take 7 hours to finish.

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