Sync Google Calendar with iPod Touch

| Posted in , , , | Posted on Saturday, January 10, 2009

I recently purchased a refurbished iPod Touch from Apple and have been spending my break setting it up.

One of my major peeves so far is that you cannot sync your iPod to Sunbird (or Thunderbird with Lightning) and have to use Microsofts Outlook.
Even after caving and setting up outlook I came to find it would only sync local calendars and not remote calendars.

While searching for a way to sync my iPod touch directly to my google calendar I came across this guide for using a service called NuevaSync to do just that - for free.

The instructions are step by step and easy to follow. Though I have reservations about teh NuevaSync website (it can access my private google calendars somehow) the site is encypted and now that its set up I can edit my appointments via the built in calendar on my iPod (its a 2-way Sync by the way).

I have tested adding and editing appointments from my iPod, Sunbird and web version of google cal - all have Sync'd fine with no issues.

So if your looking for a way to sync you google calendar to your iPod Touch or iPhone, check out this article. Hope it works for you!

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