Myst Masterpiece Edition

| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, January 27, 2009

As is apparent: I have this thing for older games. I love the original Sims, Sim City 3000 is the bomb, and EarthSeige is a 2d textured blast from the past. All have been installed and played on my new Vista machine :-D

My most recent nostalgic obsession is Myst. I had a teacher in middle school who would play it while us nerd watched during lunch time (yes, I hung out in the classroom during lunchtime) and though I bought the anniversary edition with the first 4 games, I haven't ever finished any of them.

The install went well, but once I went to play the game all I got was wind noise and a black screen. After browsing through some forums (which are surprisingly active given this game came out in the 90's) I discovered that quicktime was probably the cause (obviously I had tried computability mode and such, which by the way needs to be set to 95). I had to uninstall the quicktime on my computer and repalce it with quicktime 4 off the Myst disk.
After that, the game works well. Xfire wont take screenshots in game, but it registers that I'm playing it.

Reguarding the quicktime solution, my iTunes will not work now. I will keep looking for a more long term fix.

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