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Now that my library's album artwork has been updated (tagged to id3 tags via media monkey) I figured it was time to add lyrics to the mix. Unfortunately, neither iTunes or MediaMonkey have the ability to add lyrics automatically (you have to find them online, copy and paste) which makes managing a large library of music difficult.

A google search for 'Import lyrics to id3 tags) is riddled with questionable apps, luckily I found one named 'iTunes Lyrics Importer' (with a .exe of iLyrics...making it a program with two names) that works exceptionally well.

The program is amazingly straightforward with only two options: Update Automatically and Overwrite. Each does about what you'd expect. Once you select the songs you want to lyricafy (made up word) in iTunes just hit get lyrics and let it go. If you leave overwrite unchecked it wont import lyrics if you have already put them in, and if you don't check the 'automatic' box the program will display the lyrics and have you approve them before it adds them to the files tag.

Importing went quickly with it only taking a few seconds per song (I assume that says more about my internet connection than the program) and on the automatic setting the program kept going even if it didn't find the lyrics to a particular song.

Now that its run I've been checking the lyrics imported, and so far they are all correct. It didn't find the lyrics to ALL of my songs, but the majority now have them.

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How did you get the pictures into Media Monkey? Did it happen Automagically, or did you have to do each one by hand?

You mean album artwork?
Select the songs (from the same CD), right click then and tag from web