Fresh Start....again

| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, January 22, 2009

As I write this I'm gearing up to reformat my Alienware....again.
This past week Vista has been going steadily downhill. So far, my issues include:

- No access to control panel
- No access to desktop preferences menu
- Multiple windows processes running several instances of themselves (spread to regular programs)
- Password manager cannot keep hold of passwords
- Certain services that connect to the internet are blocked....sometimes, even when they are listed under 'allow'
- Right clicking takes a very long time to pop up
- Windows does not pass validation even though its a legit copy.

This all came at a bad time. I just finished tweaking Vista as well as setting up Thunderbird, Sunbird, Google Desktop, firefox and objectdock, ETC.

......Why didn't I buy a mac?

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