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| Posted in , | Posted on Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I got my first virus (well, adware) since my re-format.
A week or two ago AVG was giving me a hard time opening an email attachment (which I knew was clean). Each time I would download it (Yahoo mail scans all attachments with Norton before allowing you to download them) AVG immediately told me it detected a virus and asked if I wanted to 'quarantine' or 'ignore' the file. Regardless of which I chose, the program did whatever the heck it wanted.

After becoming increasingly frustrated with this, I finally uninstalled AVG out of spite (I expect to be treated like an idiot my Norton of McAfee, not by AVG) and got my file.

Then I noticed firefox acting strangely. I opened a window and all my add ons were gone leaving me with a default firefox window. At first I wrote it off as some random glitch but then I opened iTunes and got the setup wizard.

At that point I began suspecting fowl play and noticed a very plain, but alien, icon in my 'notification' area by my system clock.

Upon clicking the icon I was taken to a website called 'relevantknowledge' claiming that ''

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