linux Mint 6

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As posted before my preferred linux distro is Linux Mint - a user friendly edition based off the heavily supported Ubuntu project.

Currently I run Linux Mint 5 Elyssa but have been having issues with youtube videos (full screen mode tends to be glitchy) and have tweaked this and that without knowing what the heck I was doing. All part of the learning process, but with the release of this new version its time for a clean install.

As I write this I am direct downloading the new version via firefox (the torrent sat in Vuze for 10 minutes without doing anything......) then I will have to check the MD5SUM againt the listed MD5 on the mint website (which could be problamatic since I have had bad luck with direct downloads and MD5 in the past).

Once I get this installed and up to date I plan to install screenlets (widgets for the gnome desktop), tweak the theme and go through the Compiz Fusion menus to set it all up how I like. I would like to experiment with jackfield - a program currently being designed to allow apples dashboard widgets to run under the gnome desktop but according to the site it is not yet ready for novice linux users.
I also want to try setting up Avant Window manager now that I have gotten better at setting things up in linux. I also need to learn virtual box so I can set it up on my brotehrs computer and let him boot XP for certain programs. I am also looking at trying out Launchy.

After that I plan to try out Songbird (iTunes alternative) and Sunbird (mozilla calendar program - syncs to gcal) to see if I can get either working. If I can find these in the packadge manager I will be more than greatful.

I'll also have to set up firefox with all my add ons (especially foxmarks - how did I ever live without it?).

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