How to Install Songbird MInus the Terminal

| Posted in , | Posted on Monday, December 01, 2008

UPDATE: it didnt work, big surprise.

I don't claim to be an expert and I haven't any idea what the pro/cons are to the following instructions.

I downloaded songbird (an itunes alternative for linux) via the packaged manager and got an error about the 'chrome registration'.

I then downloaded the file directly from the songbird website and got a .tar.gz file.

Several guides instructed me to open the terminal, copy it somewhere and un-tar the file. AFter many MANY trys (to make sure I didnt mis-type the command) I decided to give up on that endevor.

Curious, I opened the .tar.gz file and extracted the folder 'songbird' onto my desktop.
I then remaned the etractred file '.songbird' like the program folders in the home directory (in linux program folders are hidden and designated with a . or so my experiance has shown me).

I then moved that folder into the home directory, opened it, and double chicked the songbird shortcut.

TO my surprise the setup opened wthout any errors, and started to scan my hard drive for media.

I doubt this method will work - its far too easy. SOmethings bound to go wrong soon.

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