XBOX 360 Games on a Computer

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While browsing around the internet to see weather I would be able to play 360 games on my computer. Of course, you cant (at least that's what I have found via google searches).

It'd be too convenient the two consoles worked together - even though both are created by Microsoft.

Personally, I prefer PC as a gaming platform. Though I use a wired 360 USB controller to play games (easier interface). The PC platform is much more customizable, upgradable, accessible and is often more powerful. Thats another rant.

Anyway, I came across a neat post in the Vista forms in the form of a suggestion.

The poster, named cherokeeblade suggested that microsoft emplament some sort of emulator that would allow users to play xbox 360 games on their PC's.

His argument is as follows:

To me a smart Ideal was to just include the emulator in vista.
Why you ask. One some people would go out and upgrade there system just to
play the xbox games. Yet they don't want to buy another consol unit. Also to
me it would fill in the lack of games that vista can run in the pc comunitie
and it would also increase Xbox game sells if the comintie knew they can run
Xbox games on there pc. I know Xbox360 hardwere can interchange with the pc.
THat was cool. But having a program to run Xbox and xbox360 games on the pc
would be cooler. I know it all about sells and money. But like me why buy
another consel machine when there is only 1 or 2 games out there I might ever
play xbox game.
Most of us hard gamers just wait till some over sea company puts out a add
on card or a emulator that allows the pc user to run that consol software.
Lots of emulators out on the web let a pc do this. and for me I like it. when
I can throuw in a dreamcast cd or Any consel that uses a dvd or cd to excute
a game and just play it off my computer instead buying that company system or
consol. Save me money that I can use to buy the game and play it and don't
have to set and switch from consol to consol to play.
You could really convince a lot of none vista user in this gaming area why
to upgrade to vista. Yes sell would drop for xbox and xbox360 in short term.
But in long term sell would been made up in Games being sold much more
faster. Then people going out to buy a xbox or xbox360.
For instance like me. I upgrade my pc to match or excead the xbox360. Now
I'm just waiting on a plug in card or emulator to come out and I be the most
happy Vista user around. Because I would have the best of 2 world on one
machine. Can you say Halo 3 on the PC. Come bring it on and let frag. You
Xbox360 user. And when they find out I'm playing them off my pc they will go
Oh my. I been fragged by a pc user. and all I had to do is buy the Dvd
xbox360 game. Not spend my hard earn money on another consol.
I guess someone in Microsoft sells department don't like having your
company bring in extra cash or they would thought of this too. Oh well your
lost and some 3rd party gain. Laterz.
C.O.G. Michael

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