WIne Attempt #1

| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, November 29, 2008

This past hour I have been fiddling around with Wine - a linux program that is supposed to let you run windows programs in linux.

I have been stumbling through the install process fine, using the packaged updated in linux mint I was able to get wine up and running.

I thin downloaded the iTunes .exe from Apples site and tried to get it to install.

THe install went beautifully however I could not find the .exe AFTER the install. The guides I found online seemed to think it would appear on the desktop, which it did not despite the error-less install.

WHile browsing for an answer I discovered online that there should be a 'fake' C:/ folder in the WIne directory - which was as impossible to find as the itunes.exe I Was looking for.
Fortunately linux mint does haev a search. However, I was disappointed by the speed of it. Oh well.

I ended up trying to launch the programs via the .exe that was installed under Vista.
I tried both iTUnes and DIgsby. Though both seemed to run at first I very quickly got an error message for each.

I shall attribute this confusion to my being very tired.

Perhaps I Will spend tomorrow trying to figure it out (after all - its Thanksgiving Break still).

ALso note the lag between turning caps lock on and off, linux carrys over the caps one more character than its actually turned on for. Hmmm.

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That's in the Wine FAQ, see

"browse to the ".wine/drive_c/Program Files" folder in your home directory (it is hidden, so you might need to do View->Show Hidden Files in your file manager)"