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While browsing through CNET's list of the 'Best Free Software' I came across a financial program called Mint.

Curious, I browsed around the home page to find the Mint is an online banking tool which allows users to input their account information and have it displayed quickly and easily in one place.

The clean website shows bar graphs, pie charts and other easy ways you can view your information. Since Mint monitors and categorizes your purchases you can also set yourself limits per category and receive a helpful alert when you over spend.


According to firefox the connection is secured and the connection is encrypted. Also, icons for VeriSign, TRUSTe and McAfee are displayed at the bottom of the webpage. Though anything can be hacked with enough time and effort, I feel its safe to say that Mint goes to great lengths to protect its users data.

After signing up for the service (only requires email, area code and password) a very easy set up wizard of sorts pops into view so you can easily set all yoru accounts up with Mint.


Though I have not put my bank information into mint (I have no need of it) I plan to keep my account and test it out at a later date. If you need helporganizing yoru finances I would highly suggest you look into this service.

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