Messing with WIne DAy #2

| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, November 30, 2008

I have now managed to get DIgsby and iTUnes installed on LInux MInt. However, neither is actually working.

When I log into digsby it checks for updates (succeeded in updating the first time) and then closes, never popping up again. RE-clicking the shortcut brings it back up like it just started.


Itunes opens but I am unable to access the file menu, nor can I drag and drop music into the window. Since I cant add music to the library, its pretty much useless.

After many google searches I have found that the new versions of Digsby are rated' garbage' in their c ompatability with WIne.

All the guides I have found to installing iTUnes require an older version.

I have to wonder if it would be best to install a OS X version of iTUnes rather than a windows version - since OS X is based on unix (like linux) and windows is based off the registry. However, apples website will only give me a windows version and I cannot find a 'OS X' version anywhere online.

Maybe it comes pre-installed and there is no need for an install file. I have no idea.

I have also tried WIne Doors to install 7-zip and Steam, neither of which worked. THe installer seems to have half way through and never does anything.
Second and third tried rendered the same hang, sometimes the window even greys out to signify its frozen.

I Have discovered where wine programs are installed. WHen you go to the home directory (folder names whatever your account it) you go to view > show hidden folders in order to find the .wine folder.
From there you go to Drive_C and into program files to find the .exe
(Dan Kegel mentioned this in a comment on my last blog)

I have also been adjusting my screenlets to my liking. Below you can see a nice desktop screenshot of them all.


At this point I am not ready to switch to linux mint full time. Programs like Digsby I cant live without (well, DIgsby itself I cant live without).
iTUnes would be handy to bring along as well. I'm considering updating to the newest release of linux mint and starting over from scratch.
Even so, its defiantly worth the space on my hard drive.

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