Linux Mint Part 2

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Once linux mint was up and running I began downloading updates (by double chicking the convenient lock symbol in the 'taskbar' as it were).
Screenshot updates2

The download was decently fast and very straight forward.

Screenshot updates2

I also used the hardware symbol to install the proprietary driver for my video card and fixed the screen resolution. Out of habit I re-booted (though in linux you rarely have to after updating).

As I might have expected, the fun had just began.
The computer started normally but after the boot screen I got a 'low graphics' error which informed me that my graphics card could not be detected.

Low Graphics Mode error

After re-booting several times (in vista and in linux) I started browsing through the linux mint forums. I quickly discovered a program called EnvyNG which was supposed to help with situations like mine.

Screenshot uninstalling driver after error

The program, which was built into my mint install (convenient) helps users remove, install and update their video card drivers. After installing, removing, re-installing again and otherwise troubleshooting the issue I eventually got it to work (how? who knows).

After that, everything seemed to work fine.

So, I have discovered that linux mint is a great distro with tons of built in features and some kick butt compiz fusion effects.

On a side note, I have also learned that its best to write blogs as you are doing something - not weeks after.

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