Linux Mint Part 1

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After using Wubi to install Ubuntu (screen shot here) I got to playing around with my new toy.
Honestly, I wasn't fond of ubuntu.
Probably since I grew up on XP and have used OS X for many things as well. I'm just not used to Linux. I found it impossible to install themes in Ubuntu (all the guides I found went right over my head). Ultimately, I just need more experience with it.

While searching around youtube for How To's I ran across an awesome video showing off compiz fusions robust set of features. In the description I found the person was using Linux Mint (video here)
A few google searches later I discovered that mint was one of the most user friendly distro's available.
(Note: a few great reviews can be found here, here and here).

Burning the ISO to a CD went fairly well. I used active ISO Burner and burnt at 1x speed (occasionally ISO don't like being burnt fast, increases the risk of errors).

Linux Mint Boot

Upon booting from the CD I got a clean boot screen. You can either press any key to get a menu (below) of just let the timer count down and it will boot automatically.

Linux Mint boot menu

A this point, things got a little sticky. No matter weather mint booted in regular mode or in 'computability mode' I would always end up at an error screen that read:

Loading isolinux: Disk error 10, AX = 427e, drive EF
Boot Failed: press any key to retry\

Pressing a key resulted in a re-boot and I always ended up in the same predicament.
You can view my post in the help forums by going to

I eventually was told to 'check the MD5 Sum' of the ISO I had been using. You do this by installing WinMD5Sum

You then load the ISO image into the program, and find what the 'MD5 Sum' should be from the website (on the mint download page it was right there by the download link). You then copy and paste the sequence from the website into the blank 'compare' box and hit 'compare' (geeze thats repetitive).

If it checks out, your good to go. If not, you should re-download the ISO.

Note: its safer to download the ISO from a torrent since torrent managers run Check Sums as your downloading. No, it isnt illegal to download Linux from a torrent.

The live CD worked and linux mint booted without issue, giving me this clean desktop:


I then began browsing around and found that linux mint had a very user friendly menu system with very easy to use windows and such. Pictures followed:


Screenshot-Control Center


Screenshot- peppermint

Screenshot-upload window

Screenshot - home folder

Screenshot favs

As you can see from the pictures above, its very user friendly and easy to figure out.
I then proceeded to install it onto my hard drive (via the install icon on the desktop) and ran into an error.
install error

Fortunately, a simple restart caused this error to go away and the install went fine. It was pretty basic. First it started with a nice welcome screen:

Screenshot install 1

Then unto picking your time zone:

Screenshot time zone

Then you get to choose a partition. This is tricky, and I am still unfamiliar with the subtleties of it. Basically, if you dont know what your doing, BE CAREFUL!

Screenshot partitoner
Screenshot prepare custom partitions

You then go through a 'who are you' to set up your user account, and the system installs.

Screenshot installing system

Then, its time to re-boot.

Screenshot restart

great article on linux mint

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