A Fresh Start

| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day everyone!

Since I have the day off I have decided to completely re-format my main hard drive and re-install Windows Vista for a fresh start.
The issue is, of course, that these things never go as planned.

So, I decided to write myself a list of all the programs I currently have on my computer so its easy to find them when I start fresh.

A rip off mac dock for the PC. I know, mac does it better. Its a great alternative to regular desktop shortcuts though.

Open Office
An excellent alternative to Microsoft office. Free, great interface and as many features as its competitors.

The best browser in my opinion. Add ons are excellent. (quick blog on why firefox rocks here)

My main music player (since I have an iPod).


The best im client I have yet to find.

Protects my key strokes from falling into the hands of a hacker.

An im client for gamers - logs activity on games and such and uploads hours to a profile.

Active ISO Burner
An easy nohassle way to burn ISO's to CD's

Calgoo Calendar
The desktop calendar I use to sync to my google cal online. Wonderful program.

Easy BCD
A easy program to edit the vista boot loader.

AusLogics Disk Defrag
Alternative to the vista disk defrag...which sucks

Cleans registry, cookies, and other such stuff.

AVG Free
Virus protection

For downloading and updating games.

Stardocks versionof steam for Stardock products

EVGA Precision
For monitering the temp of my video card and controlling the fan.

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