EarthSiege 2

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Since my last re-install of Vista and Linux Mint I haven't installed any games (with the exception of trackmania, a free game available through Steam).

After installing my copy of Sins of a Solar Empire (awesome game) I discovered an old friend among my pile of CD's - EarthSeige 2. Arguable, this was the first PC game I got into. I believe my Dads friend was unloading some old CD's and games and my Dad grabbed it and brought it home. My brothers and I fought over the computer for a chance to play it.

The install was almsot laughably nostalgic.



The 'maximum instal' requires 57 MB of hard drive space....what a hog!


Though, while this install process went through (much MUCH faster than I remember it being) it actually told me my computer couldnt run it.
No, really.
For whatever reason the game cant read my CD-rom drive...which is especially ironic since the disk is in that very CD drive while this is all going on.


The preferances tab also provided a bit of humor....both by the lack of actual options and the horrible screen resolution offered.


Upon playing the game I quickly discovered that you cant look up or down.
You can only move backwards, forwards left and right.


Though, after playing a breif game I started liking it. The controls are a little...archaic...and hard to use. But theres lots of cool futuristic gun sounds and exlosions.

Now, I am off to go waste time playing it for awhile :)

You can find more info on Earthsiege 2 at gamespot and gamesfirst

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