All My Firefox Add Ons

| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Since I am making a list of programs to re-install, I should probably make a list of firefox add ons to install as well.

Adds icons next to the text in the menus

PDF Download
Lets you download web pages in PDF format

Forecast Fox
With some adjusting, leaves icons that show the weather, pop outs provide more info.

Download Statusbar
Clean replacement for the download window.

Blocks all those crappy web adds.

Colorful Tabs
Makes tabs diff colors so its easy to recognize diff ones.

Web of Trust. Adds icon by links to show how they are rated

Nifty way to search for photos and videos

bookmarks synchronizer

Video Download Helper
Lets you download video content from webpages with the click of an icon

RSS Ticker
Scrolls RSS feeds in the firefox window

Undo Closed Tab Button
Title says it all, saves tabs you closed so if you close one accidentally, you can click the icon and the tab comes back.

Adds splash screen when starting firefox

Digg This!
Easy way to submit webpages to digg.

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