Why firefox 3 is Awesome and How to make it better

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I originally found this video while browsing Vuze when it first came out (only downloading legal content, of course) and thought it was really awesome. Now that I have created my own youtube account (link) I was able to find the video, and many more created by Jimmy Ruska. Though I have no looked through many of his tutorials, I am relatively sure they are all quick, relevant and helpful.
Also, the sound quality is great! (most tutorials and such have...erm, less than desirable audio quality).

jimmyrcom: How to make Firefox 3 better

The following is copy & pasted from the info card on the youtube video:

Get firefox 3 release candidate

Tab mix plus, Developer Build for firefox 3

Make a firefox video and win Prizes (see rules)

Another firefox 3 screencast

You can install firefox 3 to a new directory and use firefox 2 as well.

I had gone over the downloads part but that clip got deleted apparently.

Also, out of a random update, I massively upgraded my old crappy role play site:

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