Objectdock: MAC OS X Dock for the PC

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This amazing program is created by Stardock - the maverick of windows customization. The easiest way to describe it is a fake MAC OS X dock for windows.

Rather than having all your icons clogging up the desktop, you can drag them into this dock (which sits anywhere on the screen you want it to) to reduce clutter, and add some eye candy to your desktop.

The app comes with a slew of features which are easy enough for an novice user to figure out, but that offer enough customization to keep the experienced users content.

Objectdock comes with a weather widget sort of thing built in, which works really well. After right clicking to input your area code, when you mouse over the icon a 5 day forcast will pop out.

After using objectdock for some time, I have found it instrumental is getting rid of desktop clutter. It is also far faster to use since the programs are displayed in icon form right on the desktop, as opposed to digging through the start menu to find what you need (granted, this has been addressed by vistas smart search feature, but still).

The download can be found here

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