KeyScramber: protecting your privacy one keystroke at a time!

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Everyone wants their computer to be secure, their identity's safe, and their log in info safeguarded from phishing and keyloggers.

All respectable websites go to great lengths to protect users information, and for the most part browsing the Internet is safe (especially when you use the WOT add on for your browser). I, personally, believe that most peoples fear of 'getting a virus' is unfounded and based on their own mis-understanding of how computers work...but thats another rant.

Bad programs come in all shapes, sizes and all have distinct ways to rip you off. One of the easiest ways for people to get your info are keyloggers, which are small programs that record everything you type, and then single out your user names, passwords, credit card numbers, ETC and send them off to the evil-doer who made them.

KeyScrambler prevents such programs from gathering information. It is both a program and an add on for firefox and IE.

Basically, when you type something, keyscrambler encrypts it, and then decrypts it just before you send it to the website. This way, even if you had a keylogger recording everything you typed, all it would pick up is gibberish.
This is especially advantageous since it covers a base no keylogger can (I know, SOMEONE will come out with one that makes me eat my words) and offers a great deal of safety for its small size and simple function. Beyond that, it just makes sense.

When you first install the program, (link) its settings will default to show an 'overlay window' as well as a tray icon. Personally, I find the overlay window annoying. Every time you type, a box pops up in a corner of the screen (props to QFX software for letting users customize which corner) to let me know that I am typing, and that keyscrambler is running.

The preferences has a decent amount of options, not too many not too few, that allow the user to customize hot keys and such. The overall jest of these settings is fundamental, few users should really have a problem deciphering it.

This is a great, unobtrusive program that I feel adds some much needed immunity to my daily internet activities. Before making any online purchase I always double check for the key scrambler icon in my tray.

Of course, this is not a total and complete way of protecting yourself from the dangerous internet (note sarcasm), but it is certainly a helpful tool to have in your armory.

This program can be found here, and you can find a quick and easy user manual here.

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