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In a world where im's rule, the im client (program) you use becomes very important. Each service (yahoo, AIM, MSN, google talk, myspace im, ETC) has its own client with unique features, profiles and other customization. Unfortunately, if your anywhere near a normal internet user, you most likely have accounts with more than one email and im service.

This can quickly become an issue and lag out your computer as each program takes its share of your reasources. It is also counter-productive on a busy day when you have 10+ im windows in addition to whatever work your trying to do (or are avoiding doing).

This problem has been solved by multi-client im programs which can log you into various services at once, like trillian for example, which can log you into AIM, IRC, MSN, ICQ.
Although trillian is a great program and many people use it, I perfer the functionalty offered in digsby.

Digsby supports all manner of im services, including google talk, facebook chat, AIM, MSN and Yahoo. At the time of this posting it does not support myspace im.

However, what makes Digsby stand out is how it ALSO will log into your mail accounts (gmail, yahoo, aol, msn, and any pop mail server), AND social network accounts (myspace, twitter, facebook), giving you access to virtually all of your online accounts in a single, easy to use program.
You can also log into more than one account for each service (IE: 2 yahoo im, 2 myspace, 1 facebook, 2 gmail accounts, ETC) without a problem.

When you first run digsby, it will display an easy set up where you can input all your login info for various services, this can also be done via the digsby>my accounts menu after install. You also make a special digsby account, which backs up all your information to the digsby servers and allows you to log in via digsby in any location (ie: if you get a new computer, all you do is install digsby, log into it and all your mail, im, social network info is transfered to the new digsby). Of course, no one can access this information without your digsby username and password.

The customizations that come pre-installed are easy to access via the preferances menu, and the view tab also has a great deal of options. You can adjust everything from the im window arrangement, im window scheme, buddy list theme, ETC. It all comes down to personal taste, once you mess around with it a bit you will find a configuration that works for you.

At first, the digsby window will look a little cluttered, which is to be expected since its jamming so much into such a small packadge. After you customize and re-arrange everything how you like, however, this no longer becomes an issue.

Digsby is the best im client I have yet to find. The amount of functionality it offers is staggering, and they are constantly updating it, with many features being added as time goes on (hopefully myspace im soon). Unfortunatly, at the time of this posting Digsby is only for windows, looks like Mac users are stuck with Adium for awhile.

You can download and try digsby at http://www.digsby.com/features.php

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