My Fav 5 Firefox Add ons

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Well, firefox is without a doubt the most customizable browser there is. Each little add ons contributes a little bit of functionality to your browsing - and to seal the deal they are easy as heck to install (go to, find an add on you want and click 'add to firefox). Here's a list of the add ons I use each day.

1. RSS Ticker

This is, hands down, the most convenient way to view your RSS feeds. You know that little line of info that scrolls across the bottom of the screen when your watching the news on TV? It adds that to firefox - and it reads RSS feeds off firefox live bookmarks (which makes adding feeds a snap).
As with most feed readers, mousing over something gives you a little pop up, and clicking on it opens a tab. Its simple, easy and is a excellent way to keep up with news you want to read.
This can be found at

2. WOT

WOT (web of trust) is one of those nifty little things that give the power to the user. Basically, everyone who uses this add on can rate whatever sites they visit based on 4 criteria (Trustworthiness, Vendor Reliability, Privacy and Child Safety).

Then, every time you view search results via yahoo, google, or whatever search you use, a small circle appears next to the link indicating weather it has been rated green (good), yellow (warning) or red (stay away) by the WOT community.

I addition, if the site is rated red WOT will fade it out and warn you before you can enter the site. This is especially useful for pop ups and the like.
This add on can be found at:

3. Download Statusbar

This is one of the first add ons I ever tried out, and to this day its is hands down the best download manager for firefox. Rather than having a window pop up when you download a file, a small and unobtrusive bar will pop up at the bottom of the browser and will display all the info(and more on mouse over) the regular window would.

You can view download speed, % done and average speed (once the download is complete, that is). It also allows you to pause and stop downloads.

Since this is embedded into the browser, it minimizes and maximizes like the rest of the window, so it wont take up space on your taskbar.
Beyond that, it has a myriad of customizable options from colors to sounds, and info to display.
It helps keep clutter down, and I am sure many user appreciate that.
Download Statusbar can be found at:

4. The undo closed Tabs Button

There comes a time when everyone closes the wrong tab, and often its something important. This add on allows you to get that tab back! It adds a simple button in the upper left side of the browser (right alongside refresh, stop, home, ETC) and will reopen your last closed tab (and beyond)

Simple, easy, and useful.
This add on can be found here:

5. Colorful Tabs

This is an add on I wasnt sure about at first, but as I have used it I take it for granted. It colors each tab slightly differently, so its easy to tell them apart in a more visual way. The colors are very light and subtle. You can set it to assign colors randomly or based on the URL. If your a tab sort of person, this is defiantly an add on to look into.

The colorful tabs add on can be found at:

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